A. The government agencies or its officials endorses supports, forms partnerships with or participates in so-called CSR activities organized by the tobacco industry. (Rec 6.2) B. The government (its agencies and officials) receives contributions[1] (monetary or otherwise) from the tobacco industry (including so-called CSR contributions). (Rec 6.4) NOTE: exclude enforcement activities as this is covered in another question

In 2018 Chairwoman of Kharkiv Oblast Council met with the Director of Philip Morris Ukraine and expressed gratitude for PMI support of social projects and discussed other social projects in the region that need support. She also suggested for PMI to expand their CSR and consider the possibility of participating in projects to support the cultural heritage of the region, in particular, the Sharivka Palace and Park Complex and the Krasnokutsky Dendropark[2].

In 2018 the first deputy chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council Victor Kovalenko met today with the General Director of the “Philip Morris Ukraine” Mikalis Alexandrakis in the House of Councils. During the meeting, the company was invited to participate in social projects for the preservation of cultural heritage, the restoration of medical institutions in the region. Mikhalis Alexandrakis emphasized that Philip Morris is a very socially responsible company: “In each country where we work, we try to participate in social projects. We have three areas in which we can participate, on which we cooperate with the state and local authorities – it is a matter of gender equality, help with natural cataclysms, and the third is accessible education.” They agreed on the further development of cooperation in the implementation of social projects in the gender field and the introduction of inclusive education[3].

In 2011-2017 “Mystetskyi Arsenal” government-owned enterprise accepts contributions from JTI[4]. After further investigation by sending public information request it was uncovered that contributions were received by the Charitable Foundation “Mystetskyi Arsenal” not by the government-owned enterprise “Mystetskyi Arsenal”[5]. Therefore, legal ways are used to find loopholes in the law that prohibits contributions and CSR from tobacco industry.

[1] political, social financial, educations, community, technical expertise or training to counter smuggling or any other forms of contributions

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